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The pursuit of education should be intentional and done daily. Cast your life to dictate what your five senses pick up and cause you to think about because as a man think, so is he. Results are birthed from actions, actions are birthed from thoughts, and most thoughts are birthed from what’s learned by our five senses. I’ve become better because of being influenced by Eric Cheek @eclipsllc..... comment below someone who has influenced you to become better below.
Take a look at a few highlights from my time at the @andisclippers booth at the @bronnerbros show this past weekend.
Talent alone won’t cut it. Trust is the most valuable thing to have....gain trust and doors will open .... loose trust and doors will close....
I did the temple fade and beard fade with the @andisclippers Cordless T Outliner and a comb.
I taught the attendees at @Andisclippers booth at the @bronnerbros show  how to fade with a trimmer, then I taught how to do clipper over comb , then I taught how to do the same with detachable blade clippers only.
It’s a blessing to have an idea brewing in your mind, then to put actions behind those thoughts to turn a dream into reality!!! I can’t wait until you see what’s next!!!! All I will say is this chapter in my life proves that #ImMoreThanABarber

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