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Fast Forward from 2005 to 2019 and @andisclippers thought it to be fit to use my likeness to promote me & the new Cordless Master Clipper with a double entendre.
I didn’t see this day coming! This was the  day I started my career as an educator with Andis because of an Andis Fade Master Clipper Competition that I won!  They told me me I won a spot on the team for a year..... caption continues on the next post.
@smartwater x @bensimmons x #Kduncangrooming = National Campaign
Because of these tools , I’m able to an influencers influencer.... Selah.... @smartwater #bensimmons #kduncangrooming
I appreciate @bensimmons for choosing me to be his barber consistently. I don’t take it for granted, but I’m even more grateful when I get a chance to be the groomer. When you know an image is going to be a billboard in times square just a haircut won’t cut it. 
#resumeLONG #stillGROWING #GODSnotdone #bookONTHEWAY

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