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Even though there isn’t a barbershop scene in the @creedmovie, #Adonis keeps a weekly haircut appointment. It was an honor being responsible for creating this look and I know that it won’t be the last!  #GodIsGracious
Hard work & dedication pay off!!! Also nobody will have the same value for you as you have for you. I set mine in stone and I share what I can do and what I can’t do to manage expectation. I only want to be my best in an environment in which I can be my best. I was asked for my best and I gave it , then I was asked to come back!! I couldn’t leave the there without getting the clipper that got me there to be signed. Call me crazy but I put it up for auction to raise money for two charities sponsored by @fadecancer. 
On this day I thought this clipper was only gonna see #michaelbjordan for its last time in 2018. I was called for a camera test and my thoughts were I’m gonna go hard on this last cut. .... later that day I got the call and that I was chosen to be the barber for Creed again!  #GodisGracious #Creed2 can be scene tonight in most theaters in the US.
In the middle of shooting #Creed2 ,#MichaelBJordan graced the Met Gala with an suit by #OffWhite and a fresh fade by #PhillyBarber #KennyDuncan.  Make sure you check out @creedmovie tonight!!!
The inspiration for the look of the character Adonis Creed in Creed II was inspired by the haircut I gave #MichealBJordan for the @Essence magazine cover. The look Mike wanted for Adonis was for him to look bigger & better. Therefore @mrcalliet worked on his body and I was responsible for hair. Adonis fits the profile of most men from Philadelphia, someone with a weekly haircut appointment. Therefore he is sharp throughout this movie because the character all’s for it. #creed2 #nov21st
Creating a character is totally different than just doing a haircut. This was the lesson that I learned from two of my mentors @therealpierceaustin & @staceykutzlive. They informed me that each character has to have hair that fits his role. Their insight helped me follow the lead of #RyanCoogler in developing the look for Adonis Creed in the first extension of the Rocky series of movies. Adonis wasn’t rich, nor was he connected to his family finances. He could not look like he was living in the barbershop at all therefore he had to be clean because he worked but natural as if he might be cutting his own hair. This was a hard task for me. How do you give someone a fresh week old look every two days. I’m excited to say that on Nov 21st you all will introduced to an evolved Adonis Creed in #Creed2

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