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#faded from 00000 to clipper over comb
#backoftheheadfadechallenge where adding fibers and adding color won’t save you .....
I thank God for the hand eye coordination that I’ve been blessed with..... it allows me to see and fine tune the details that could easily be missed.
The ability to show up to a commercial shoot and be setup in 30 seconds proves itself time and time again to be very valuable. When I got the call I was spending time swimming with my son and I told my clients I couldn’t be there for the time they wanted.... I sent 4 referrals....only because I had already built trust , they decided to push the commercial start time back to wait for me. Talent arrived right after me , but because my set up time is 30 seconds, I was ready.
I never want the title of best barber , I just want to be know as one the smartest working barbers that built a Legacy that is admirable. Thanks @dloading for giving me another opportunity to add to the story.
This case has been through ups and downs with me. If this case could talk it would get rich off a book deal. I made it sign a NDA so that I could continue to show respect for my clients and earn their trust. Thanks @dloading!

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