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On Tuesday, January 26 I visited PB Education Centre and I was blown away. Immediately I can tell that leadership was great and it affected the entire staff and student body. The vision of the school is to train it up the best student possible by providing the best available education. Passing State Board testing is just the beginning of their PB experience.

A fully engaged student is expected to leave the school not only with a new license but a client list of at least 40, beacuse of the love each staff members has for quality. The schools vision is led by director Colleen Hogan, better known as mom to her students. Her active involvement with the students helps keep the morale of the staff and the motivation for the students high. The current facility in Gloucester County New Jersey reminded me of the best schools that I’ve ever visited. If I was 18 again and lived in this area , this is the school that I would attend. For more information please visit

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