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A bald fade isn’t truly a bald fade until every hair is removed and the lowest portion of the haircut. There are a few people who can’t have all hairs shaved close because of their sensitive skin, but for those who can be shaved bald Andis has introduced another option for obtaining a razor close shave without a razor. The Andis Lithium Shaver is powerful, durable, and easy to clean shaver that has independent large foil shaver heads that can take shaving with pressure without breaking the shaver head. This is a plus because the competition can’t take pressure while shaving without breaking. Therefore when using my Andis Lithium Shaver to finish the. Bald portion of my bald fades I can ensure I achieve quick and efficient bald shaving without causing irritations or bumps. I like to protect all closely shaven areas by applying Andis Bump Care, a liquid solution designed to exfoliate the skin, and protect skin from ingrown hairs and shaving irritations.


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