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Herbal hot Towel treatments, classic 14 stroke razor facial shaves, and razor shaved napes are the tale tell signs of a traditional barbershop. The good thing is these classic barber traditions have resurfaced with a taste of modern technology. Andis has launched a new quality tool for barbers, the Andis Razr lather machine. It turns cold shaving soap into a comfortable hot lather in seconds. Which allows a barber to increase his quality of shave and increase his client comforting services as well. As more barbers are becoming aware of the classic barber traditions that increase their ticket prices and client retention, items such as the Andis Razr hot lather machine become a must.

Most modern and traditional men’s styles are all finished with a razor close shave to either or both the clients temples or nape. Using a hot lather machine to aid in client comfort during the shaving process is a better alternative than using cold shaving cream from a bottle or even an electric shaving option. Hot lather aids is softening each hair shaft , moisturizing the skin, and opening the pores of the skin (all which aids in reducing skin irritation from razor shaving). Client comfort from something as simple as hot lather shave could be the difference between larger tips and client retention vs no tip and non returning clients.

IMG_1108-0 The Andis Razr hot lather machine is great product for at home use for the daily shaver. The benefits of shaving with hot lather vs cold shaving creams are huge. Hot lather helps soften skin and open pores to allow for healthier skin after shaving. Healthy skin care leads to less bumps and dark spots, which are the biggest concerns for daily shavers.

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