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The Slimline Pro Li is just as easy to use as the Slimline Pro, but it has some additional features that make it special. The first thing different about the Slimline Pro Li is that it has a longer lasting lithium ion battery. The second thing is that is has the ability to be used with or without its charging cord, just in case you prefer one power source over the other. The third thing that is different about the slimline pro lithium is that it has a smaller charging base, which is a plus when lack of space is an issue. The blades are the same on both the Slimline Pro and the Slimline Pro Li, and both are adjustable. The featured rotary motor in both trimmers are strong enough to trim through thick & wet hair yet it still performs well on dry hair. Thus far it has earned its way to be my go to trimmer. It holds up to the beating that I put on it during the average day of 30 clients. I’ve achieve precision outlines with a light yet powerful trimmer, while the comfort edge blades allow for comfortable services for men , women ,& children alike.

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