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The Andis Supra 120 is an adjustable blade cordless rotary motor clipper that has quickly become one of my favorite tools. I feel in love with the freedom from a cord with a strong yet lightweight adjustable blade rotary motor clipper. This new found freedom could be relied on because of the consistency the lithium ion batteries offered me. I had never found this reliability in other battery operated adjustable blade clippers. The biggest bonus for me was the the time i spend on each haircut was reduced because of me eliminating the hassle of dealing with tangled clipper cords. When i realized the quality of my haircuts increased because i had more to perfect each hair cut. I had this time because of the appointment time slots I had been scheduling before included detangling cords which now is time for better quality haircuts.

As with all of my favorite tools, I always research more about that tools than most. I have found out that the blades had been designed with tolerances that had allowed blades with variances of a tenth of a millimeter and a low tension design. A tenth of a millimeter in size of the comb blade can lead to a difference in how close that blade can cut. For those that desire to produce extremely close bald fades, a blade that is a tenth of a millimeter to thick will leave short stubble behind. One of the issues with a blade that has been machined a millimeter too small is that it can have teeth that can get caught in a clients pores. Once again if your not fading this close that you wont have this issue. Last but not least the low tension internal spring blade design allows hair to easily get between the blades and cause the blades to be slowed down and as a result pull hair while attempting to cut hair. I love as soon as Andis is made aware of issues the engineering and design team quickly solves these issues. Therefore we now have a newly redesigned supra 120 blade.

The differences i had found are as follows , a shorter comb blade, a consistently thinner comb blade, and a newly designed female bracket. The shorter comb blade allows the supra 120 to cut closer than before because the cutting action is happening closer to the tips of the teeth. The consistently thinner comb blade allows for the cutting action to be closer to the skin, and the consistency comes from the reduced tolerance in size during mass production. The newly designed female bracket is gray and is the biggest change that you will notice right away. It allows for tighter tension between itself and the blade driving armature which gives the cutter blades more force to cut. This eliminates the supra 120 from snagging or pulling hair when the blades have hair in between it. With all these improvements to an already favorite tool of mine has motivated me to share this information with you so that you can experience this too. See pictures below.

img_3888  img_3885

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