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“Clipper over comb” is one of the oldest and most used techniques executed by barbers across the world. The best way for a clipper cutter to cut “clipper over comb” is to be equipped with proper clipper cutting combs.
The number one rule of consistent quality clipper cutting is choosing the right color combs. Clipper cutters always use traveling guidelines to create styles and using a clipper comb with contrasting color to the hair of the clients allows for faster cutting with less mistakes. The Andis clipper comb comes in three colors which are white, black, and pink.
1.The white comb is to be used for dark colors of hair.

2.The black comb for light colors of hair.

3.The pink clipper comb is a substitute for the white comb yet was created along with the Pink Andis Pivot Motor Combo clipper set as items to help support breast cancer awareness.

The Andis clipper comb is also a barbers favorite due to the dimensions of the combs as well. The dimensions of the Andis clipper comb allow for an great substitution during tapering for the number 1, 2, 3, & 4 attachment combs. When laying the the comb flat against the skin it substitutes the number 1 attachment comb. When placing the spine of the comb against the skin yet angling the teeth of comb away from the scalp but not further than the longest portion of hair that is desired to be kept will substitute the number 2, 3, & 4 attachment combs. This range of clipping with the Andis clipper comb can be accurately achieved consistently. Attempting to clip longer portions of hair with the Andis clipper comb offers control but the accuracy of length clipped is up to the skill of the clipper cutter yet the contract of comb helps minimize mistakes.

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