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Don’t be a slave to your phone, let them book it online.
Most barbershops don’t have a secretary to manage appointments and cash out clients. Therefore, each barber has to wear more than one hat. Each responsibility that the barber takes on, causes the barber to make less money, because it takes time from actually cutting hair. Most barbers rely on their phone apps to help them out, such as notepad, calendar, paypal, square, etc. as these apps are all beneficial while aiding in efficiency. The one thing barbers still use their phone for, that isn’t efficient for maximum earning potential, is to talk to clients about when they’re coming into the barbershop. This is where online appointment booking services can help out greatly.
Here are a few questions to ask yourself when considering if online booking is for you:
Do I constantly answer my phone while servicing other clients, because I don’t want to miss out on my other customers who may want to come to the barbershop?
Do I constantly answer my phone during family time, because the person on the other end of the line wants to spend money on a haircut?
If you answered YES to these questions, then online booking is for you. There are great benefits to online booking, other than the obvious, which is the increase in relationship building between your client and yourself, and the important quality time you spend with your family is uninterrupted. You also gain peace of mind, increased earning potential, and the overall organization that online scheduling services provides. It’s definitely worth more than what you pay to have the service. This is what I call a valuable asset.
With the online scheduling service, Resurva, it was easy to input my barbershops services and even easier to customize it to my preferences for what I want clients to see. If a barber wants a client to pay in advance or leave a deposit, it can easily be set to do so. If a barber wants clients to only have the option to book 2 weeks ahead or one appointment a day, while Resurva is user friendly, it makes it easy to customize the settings to what you want. My clients found it to be easy to book their appointments for anytime of the day that they wanted, not knowing that I set boundaries for when they can book. I set my schedule to prevent clients from booking under 24 hours in advance. Therefore, I always have a little bit of cushion to fit in walk-in clients without worrying if a client will book an appointment in the next 15 minutes.
I can only tell you about my experiences, but after a 60 day free trial, more barbers can share some of my valuable experiences too. If you or anyone you know can benefit from online scheduling, click on the link below to start a free trial today.

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