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To finish a cut with style means more than just the flair your hairstyle possess, it really means to cut hair with the style in mind, and then execute a great style. At times a huge mistake hair cutters make is to rely on cutting utensils only to build a master piece with hair. Instead the thoughts that are missing is envisioning the end result before starting to cut and preserving hair to be styled with a hair cutters second best friend….a great blowdryer with an concentrator.

There are times where the desired look for the crown of the clients head is to be full of volume, and or exaggerated texture that resembles the look of the great looking feathers of a ducks wings. Step one would be creating texture with secondary cutting techniques such as point cutting, razor cutting , channel cutting, that all could be done with the Andis T-24 detachable blade set equipped on an Andis detachable blade clipper.  My personal favorite detachable clipper is the Andis BGR+. The second step would be to use air forming to create the volume and the desired exaggerated texture that’s necessary to create many popular looks today.  When air forming my favorite tools are my Andis Pro Dry + Blowdryer , and a medium sized vented brush. With various simultaneous movements of my Blowdryer and my styling brush I can bring a hair cut to and style to life and give my client the desired popular looks he or she wants. Because the air forming done with the Andis Pro Dry+ creates the style I won’t need as much styling products to hold that style in. An example of this technique is featured on the pompapour how to video in second series of the American Legacy Collection.



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