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Grooming for a photoshoot is different than grooming in your barbershop in many ways. The first thing to know is that a makeup artist is going to dust your clients face with makeup to prevent their face from shining too much on camera. The makeup process may also move your clients hair out of place and or cover the hair you want to have shown the most. You have to give your client a last look before he or she goes to the photographer; assuring and protecting your look to the final moment.
You would also have to know that time is of the essence. Lack of time will impact a completed haircut. Some variables to time restraints are constraints of the talent, photographer, studio session time limits, etc. in these environments “Time Management” is essential and flexibility is key. Your focus has to be on what’s most important and how much time you have. There are times in which I would ask the photographer what angles they envision shooting most, then my focus is placed on perfecting what’s going to be seen in those angles. Last but not least, I know that in a photography session the lights are going to focus on the top of the talents hair. Therefore I must focus on haircare just as much as the haircut! My preferred product to use for instant moisture and defined curls is the Scurl Freeflow leave-in conditioner. It gives my clients shinier, softer, healthier hair due to the natural ingredients in FreeFlow. I also like to use cordless trimmers and clippers by Andis to  give me freedom to trim anywhere on set.

For this photoshoot the talent was Philadelphila 76ers Guard/Forward Ben Simmons. He was featured in five different looks that are all apart of the clothing collections found at Neiman Marcus. GQ magazine often feature images of well known athletes who love to be stylish like Ben Simmons.

Ben Simmons


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