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This hi-top fade haircut and beard featuring a geometric design by Andis gives a new meaning to getting in shape. Here’s how to get the look seen on Andis associate Jerome for the American Legacy Collection 2.

1. Start by using the Envy Professional Hair Clipper in a closed-blade position to lightly fade hair with sidestrokes. Using the revolution process, start on the left side of the nape, moving to the right side perimeter. Adjust the blade to the half-open position; for the final revolution, adjust the blade to the full-open position and continue with C-strokes.

2. After fading, bulk the hair by using a clipper-over-comb technique, then rough-cut the flat-top.

3. With the blade closed, use the Envy Professional Hair Clipper to shape the top interior using horizontal sections to create a center guide, and work from the crown to the front. Widen the guide from either side. Next, shape the sides using the revolution process and keep the comb parallel to the shape desired. Form the front using the previously cut section, holding the Envy clipper vertically.

4. For the beard, which features several shapes, close the clipper blade and attach a number-1 guard, cutting against the grain to remove bulk. Next, use the GTX T-Outliner and trim around the chin, moving up the side toward the ear for an outline. To create a design, position the trimmer head upward and cut the shape, and to perfect the look, point the trimmer head downward. Use the Pro Dry+ Tourmaline Ionic/Ceramic Hair Dryer with the pick attachment to set the style. —C.R.

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