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1. Use the ends of your clients lips as a guide. There will be times a client will ask you to form his mustache into a symmetrical shape such as a triangle or rectangle. When doing so use the ends of the clients lips as a guide to insure that both sides the mustache have the same length. Policemen and military officers are notorious for mustaches that don’t pass the ends of their lips. Be aware that nothing is more embarrassing than having a lopsided mustache therefore using the ends of the lips as a guide will help.

2. Determine the density of the mustache hair to determine the best length of mustache hair. When a client has thin facial hair it usually looks best when his facial hair is longer. If your client desires a strong shape to his mustache and it’s thin the shape will only be determined by the thickest portion of facial hair, always clip the lone stands of hair that don’t lend to the desired shape.

3.Never trim facial hair too high above top lip line. Manly mustaches sit on a mans lip, they don’t float a half inch above. In most cases you can use afine tooth comb to comb the facial hair to the lip line then use your trimmer such as an Andis Superliner or Andis Charm to clip the facial hair the extends beyond the lip line.

4.Less is more!! When your client desires a full mustache without any artistic shaping only look to tame the wild beast. Using a cutting comb groom the facial into the desired style then look to clip only the mustache hairs that are protruding above the desired mustache. Then look to clip the mustache hairs in the corners of the lips which tend to find a way into your clients mouth.

5.Proportion matters! The size and shape of the mustache should be in proportion to the size of your clients lips. A large mustache can over power thin lips and large lips need large mustaches to help give an illusion of smaller lips. When a client asks for a mustache shape other than how it naturally grows, p the shape in proportion with his lips.

6.Styling is just as important as shape. More than ever me are desiring to sport handlebar mustaches. The secret to the perfect handlebar mustache is having at least an inch and a half of facial hair and a water soluble pomade.In order to have respectable handlebars adjacent to your face, longer hair is necessary. You want to use products that don’t flake or cause skin irritations such as the water soluble pomaded made by Woody’s or LayRite. To achieve the desired handlebars comb a pea sized amount of pomade thru facial with a fine tooth comb then style by twisting your thumbs and pointer fingers together on the ends of their mustache and finish each end by twisting the ends inwards.

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