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Fresh and clean take on a whole new meaning nowadays. There was a day that men would ask their barbers to clean their faces free from facial hair in order to be fresh. Modern trends have influenced men to grow their facial hair but to keep it neat. The curated looks from skilled barbers produces confident men with a new fresh look. There is one problem that arises…. how to groom their facial hair in between haircuts. This is where some men look to their girlfriends hair products for solutions. The growing problem is their beards or goatees end up dry, brittle, and full of flakes. The needs of a mans face is different from a mans scalp, because his face is more sensitive than his scalp. Therefore products designed specifically for facial hair are needed.

The typical shampoo has sulfate as a lather producer, yet the sulfates also drys out the skin and hair follicles. Therefore using shampoos with sulfates can lead to a dry, flaky beard that will lead to hair breaking off in your combs. Therefore sulfate free shampoos work best to help keep your beards natural moisture.

Typical shampoos also have parabens infused into it to preserve its shelf life and prevent bacteria’s from forming. Studies have shown that parabens are also linked to skin aging and adversely effecting the male reproductive system. Therefore based on studies , a paraben free shampoo would benefit a man in more than one way.

Scurl has recently developed a sulfate and paraben free shampoo for facial hair called “Beard Wash” that is also safe for a mans head of hair too. The Scurl Beard Wash will leave your beard and hair feeling FRESH!!! Therefore the term fresh is redefined after using Beard Wash due to the fresh feeling that you will see, feel, and know. Knowing that a products is designed to help you grow a fresh looking , strong and healthy beard will have any man looking forward to shampooing his beard often. There is one suggestion I have after shampooing a beard. Replace the moisture that is removed form daily shampooing! Scurl has a 100% natural beard balm that is the perfect mate to the Scurl Beard Wash.  When you use the two products behind each other, you will eventually grow a longer, cleaner, fresher looking and feeling beard. If you desire the best looking beard add a small amount of the Scurl Beard Oil to add shine and to promote growth.

When all three products are used in your beard it will create a clean fresh looking beard that even corporate America would have to respect. For more information about Scurl products please visit today.

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