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On February of 2018 I completed the thirteenth year I’ve enjoyed being an Andis Educator. I currently hold the title of Lead Educator for the Andis Company and I’m excited for the my future with the Andis company because my relationship continues to grow. On March 4th-6th a few educators including myself, Danny Amorim, Whitney VerMeer, John Delgado, and Our Global Education Manager  Jessica Rosen , had the honor of representing Andis at the IBS NYC show.

This show the Andis presence was felt through powerful stage presentations, strong educational classes, and an impactful main stage presentation. The diversity in this team and the valuable insights of this team helped make watching each presentation enjoyable for our on lookers. Each attendee had a chance to see our latest tool which features a strong rotary motor and a 7200 blade stoke per minute blade speed for increased precision, the Andis Cordless T- Outliner. This tool sold out in the beginning of the first day due to is value to the industry.

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