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The NBA season has started and one coach will have a winning team he chose to put together win the championship. He will have a winning combination of five players on the floor at a time to win. It is the job of the coach to find the winning combination and strategy that is best for victory. In the same fashion as a coach of an NBA team, clipper cutters who use detachable blade clippers have to choose the right blades to win. In basketball, a winning strategy includes choosing a team who work well together. The same goes for choosing which blade sets will help each clipper cutter to win at the game of satisfying each client within efficient time frames. Just like an NBA team will have substitutions on the bench ready to be used at anytime.
As an experienced clipper cutter I have learned many strategies for clipper cutting success. My personal favorite technique is clipper over comb. Most men’s haircuts are include a type of fade or tapered area blended with an even area. Executing fades and tapers are more time consuming than even cuts, therefore finding the right techniques and tools to execute fast and efficient fades and tapers is the key to success. Clipper over comb has been my most efficient technique used, now I have to tell you about the tools I use too. A heavy duty rotary motor detachable blade clipper such as the Supra Zr or the BGR+ are my favorite. There are 5 blade sets I use often to help with fast & efficient clipper over comb cutting. Those blades are the Andis Ultra Edge Trimmer blade and the Andis Ceramic Edge blades, 0000 blade set, 000 blade set, 0a blade set, and the 1 blade.

Each blade I chose serves the purpose of providing precise clipping from the lengths of 1/16th of an inch and below. In this section each blade set will be used in small territories with a c stroke motion to create small graduations. When each blade is used a flawless fade should be produced. For all clipping above 1/16 of an inch , clipper over comb tapering can achieve all lengths desired faster than using numerous attachment combs.
If you are he clipper cutter who prefers attachment combs for error free fading and tapering, you still would want to use blade sets to remove bulk. In this case I would suggest that the most often requested length of hair should determine which blades sets you should have for fast and efficient bulk hair removal. For a list of all the blade sets Andis has created please visit today.

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