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Service can be good; service can be fast; service can be cheap. However, it cannot be all three. Therefore, it is vital to pick the two qualities that are most important to you. If service is good and fast, it’s not going to be cheap. If service is fast and cheap, it’s not going to be good. Additionally, service that is good and cheap will not be fast. This is a principle that applies to every business oriented service. Barbering is my business of choice and it is where I can exert my expertise.

My business offers haircuts provided by seasoned licensed professionals along with quality customer service at reasonable prices. The cost of haircuts vary across the United States which leads to different opinions about pricing haircuts. In comparison to other salons, some people consider Main Attraction services to be cheap while others consider them to be expensive. Main Attraction’s services average out to a dollar per minute for each service rendered. On average, our haircuts are 30 minutes. Some of you reading this article may presume $30 is an expensive haircut. However, you aren’t considering the operational factors of running a business. The standard operational breakdown includes the following: fees for running a business, revenue for reinvestment, taxes, savings for retirement, as well as health insurance. Now that $30 haircut doesn’t appear as expensive especially because the quality desired requires on average 30 minutes. For consumers, the value of a haircut is found and justified by the quality of precision and grooming that is achieved during each service. If haircuts where provided cheaper, barbers wouldn’t have an incentive to offer quality; yet, a haircut can’t be too expensive for service providers desire quantity of consumers . Therefore, a barber’s motto should encompass maintaining value while balancing quality and quantity.

The faster a barber moves, the higher the risk of making a mistake. It is important to consider the duration of a haircut. Longer haircuts depreciate in value, not only to the consumer but especially to the service provider. All costs associated with running a business should be motivation to complete services within in a timely fashion. While working, my life requires a minimum of $1 per minute. Service providers must determine the value of their time. This is how speed becomes a factor in operating a barbering business. Although speed is important, quality is superior. The completion time of a service is provided as a rough estimate. Therefore, consumers have to make a decision regarding the factor that’s most important for their service. The options for customers to choose from are a service provider who completes every customer within the same timeframe or a service provider provides quality technical service. Those two factors greatly influence the cost of a service, and it’s rare to find service providers who have mastered both. If a customer does find someone who is good at both being good and fast, you better believe they will definitely not be cheap.

What determines quality of service? This is a subjective evaluation for people’s opinion vary greatly. There are multiple aspects of a hair cutting service. The primary categories include the following: the technical skill of the provider, the convenience and timing of service, and the amount of attention provided during the service experience. The significance of each category vary from client to client. Regardless of who you ask, each category requires time and time is relative to the quality of service provided, in most cases. Hypothetically, service should be better if there is an allocation of more time. But that isn’t always the case. Despite the hypotheticals, if one desires quality service it’s going to come with a price, either a higher cost or a longer wait time. It is then up to the service provider to determine which option is the current reflection of their value. In a thriving business, a service provider will charge more for services that require more time and attention.

The Decision
Both service providers and clients have a decision to make. But for a service provider, when the wrong decision is made a lack of appreciation for their efforts become evident within their clients. Just as a wine connoisseur would hate a Stop & Go beer distributor, a client desiring a design with a tight fade would most likely leave unsatisfied from SuperCuts. This isn’t to say these establishments aren’t money makers, it just means they have to find the customer who values what they offer. Therefore, it is crucial for clients to build a relationship with service providers who value and understand their needs in order to have a successful service. When both the service providers and the client appreciate each other this makes for a great environment that everyone wants to duplicate again, which leads to loyalty from both. 

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