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Manly Movember Mustache Tips

1. Use the ends of your clients lips as a guide. There will be times a client will ask you to form his mustache into a symmetrical shape such as a triangle or rectangle. When doing so use the ends of the clients lips as a guide to insure that both sides the mustache have […]

Classic Side Part with Design

STEP 1: Begin at the bottom left with the SlimLine Pro trimmer using C-strokes to remove bulk. Continue into the nape area and finish off at the bottom right. With the Black Master in a closed position, complete the same technique on the opposite side, working a new section above the previously cut area. Complete […]

High Top Fade & Beard Design

This hi-top fade haircut and beard featuring a geometric design by Andis gives a new meaning to getting in shape. Here’s how to get the look seen on Andis associate Jerome for the American Legacy Collection 2. 1. Start by using the Envy Professional Hair Clipper in a closed-blade position to lightly fade hair with […]

Andis Lithium Shaver Uses

A bald fade isn’t truly a bald fade until every hair is removed and the lowest portion of the haircut. There are a few people who can’t have all hairs shaved close because of their sensitive skin, but for those who can be shaved bald Andis has introduced another option for obtaining a razor close […]

As a Multicultural Clipper Cutter, Comb Color Matters!

“Clipper over comb” is one of the oldest and most used techniques executed by barbers across the world. The best way for a clipper cutter to cut “clipper over comb” is to be equipped with proper clipper cutting combs. The number one rule of consistent quality clipper cutting is choosing the right color combs. Clipper […]

Finishing a Cut with Style

To finish a cut with style means more than just the flair your hairstyle possess, it really means to cut hair with the style in mind, and then execute a great style.