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Calibrations & Better Tool Selections vs Modifications of Old Favorites

Calibrations & Better Tool Selections vs Modifications of Old Favorites by Kenny Duncan The latest trend in barbering is to modify your tools to give you an edge is creating precise fades, linings, & designs. I understand to movement, but I don’t always agree that its necessary. there are several factors that determine if a […]

Lithium-ion vs. Nickel-metal Hydride Batteries by Kenny Duncan

Know the Power Source of your Tools: Lithium-ion vs. Nickel-metal Hydride Batteries Lithium-ion and Nickel-metal hydride batteries differ in the matter used to store its power. Lithium-ion batteries are made of carbon and lithium which store more energy than other materials. Nickel- metal hydride batteries use hydrogen along with titanium and other metals to store […]

Andis Supra 120 Redesigned Blade Set

The Andis Supra 120 is an adjustable blade cordless rotary motor clipper that has quickly become one of my favorite tools. I feel in love with the freedom from a cord with a strong yet lightweight adjustable blade rotary motor clipper. This new found freedom could be relied on because of the consistency the lithium […]

Andis Slimline Pro Li Review

The Slimline Pro Li is just as easy to use as the Slimline Pro, but it has some additional features that make it special. The first thing different about the Slimline Pro Li is that it has a longer lasting lithium ion battery. The second thing is that is has the ability to be used […]

Don’t be a slave to your phone, let them book it online!

Don’t be a slave to your phone, let them book it online. Most barbershops don’t have a secretary to manage appointments and cash out clients. Therefore, each barber has to wear more than one hat. Each responsibility that the barber takes on, causes the barber to make less money, because it takes time from actually […]

How To Grow Your Business 

Dave Diggs has put on paper the methods he has used to help turn his dreams into reality. He shares who helped him and how he can help you grow your business step by step. Order your book today!!! Click here to order 

POCKET GAME By DL Master Barber 

DL is a one-man Wikipedia of barbering knowledge and business savvy which he has developed over 30 years.

Andis Razr Hot Lather Machine

Herbal hot Towel treatments, classic 14 stroke razor facial shaves, and razor shaved napes are the tale tell signs of a traditional barbershop. The good thing is these classic barber traditions have resurfaced with a taste of modern technology. Andis has launched a new quality tool for barbers, the Andis Razr lather machine. It turns […]

Andis Lithium Shaver Uses

A bald fade isn’t truly a bald fade until every hair is removed and the lowest portion of the haircut. There are a few people who can’t have all hairs shaved close because of their sensitive skin, but for those who can be shaved bald Andis has introduced another option for obtaining a razor close […]

As a Multicultural Clipper Cutter, Comb Color Matters!

“Clipper over comb” is one of the oldest and most used techniques executed by barbers across the world. The best way for a clipper cutter to cut “clipper over comb” is to be equipped with proper clipper cutting combs. The number one rule of consistent quality clipper cutting is choosing the right color combs. Clipper […]